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Prime Minister Golob: The state must ensure the safety of Slovenian citizens

Prime Minister Robert Golob today inspected the reconstruction of the areas affected by the natural disaster in Sneberje, Ljubljana. “The state must ensure the safety of Slovenian citizens,” the Prime Minister stressed after the visit.

Around Sneberje, the Slovenian Water Agency has erected a temporary defensive embankment to protect the settlement to avert imminent threats to human life, health and property. According to the Prime Minister, it is a temporary solution that the experts would properly maintain. “Whenever alarms are sounded, teams will be on site to ensure that there is no repeat of the floods in August.” Prime Minister Robert Golob stressed that the state would not pinch pennies “either in terms of financial resources or in terms of teams, because we are aware that the safety of people comes first.”

The terms of reference for a permanent solution will be drawn up by experts in the coming months and presented to local residents. “The only lasting solution can be one that lets the water run its course,” the Prime Minister stressed.

So far, the State has also helped people financially in various ways: “First, we donated 10 million to Caritas and the Red Cross. In addition, almost 40 million euros in emergency cash compensation has been paid directly to people affected by the floods,” the Prime Minister stressed.

By the end of November 2023, advances will also be paid for damage reported through the Ajda system: “This will allow people to have the basic conditions for a normal life.”