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Prime Minister meets with new and former presidents of Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organisations

Prime Minister Robert Golob received the President of the Slovenian Federation of Pensioners' Organisations, Zdenka Jan, and the federation’s former president, Janez Sušnik. They discussed the situation of pensioners in Slovenia and the related Government measures.

They stressed the importance of long-term care and the continuation of the E-care project, which is aimed at alleviating the problems of the elderly living at home. The project enables the continued availability of E-care free of charge for at least 5,500 eligible individuals from 1 October this year to 30 June 2025, namely until the right to E-care from the Long-Term Care Act enters into effect.

They agreed on the significance of introducing the institution of a guaranteed widower’s pension, which is expected to enter into force on 1 January 2024 and will cover approximately 10,000 people.

They also touched upon the pension indexation which, according to Prime Minister Golob, is envisaged for February next year. It will amount to approximately 8.2% and the funds for this purpose are already set aside in the budget.