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Ambassador Mirošič presented his Letter of Credence to U.S. President Joseph R. Biden

On September 15, 2023, newly appointed Slovenian Ambassador to the United States of America Iztok Mirošič attended a ceremony at the White House, in which he formally presented his Letter of Credence from the Slovenian President Nataša Pirc Musar to U.S. President Joseph R. Biden. He also conveyed greetings from the Prime Minister Dr. Robert Golob.
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"Mr. President, let me assure you that, I will spare no time and no effort to promote the relations, cooperation and partnership between Slovenia and the United States, and to further develop the friendship between our two countries to the benefit of the Slovenian and American people," remarked Ambassador at the ceremony.

Ambassador Mirošič made a pledge to not only ensure the continuity of excellent bilateral relations, but also to further develop our political relations and the cooperation in the economy, culture, climate, energy, military, science, research, digital and cyber technologies and other areas.

Moreover, Ambassador Mirošič will strive to promote the strategic dialogue between our countries and work hard to strengthen cultural ties that connect our people. An important episode linking Slovenia and the U.S. was the military operation Cowboy, at the end of World War II, when General George Patton saved and preserved a priceless Slovenian national and cultural heritage – the world-famous white Lipizzaner horses. Ambassador Mirošič extended the invitation to President Biden to visit Lipica after this remark. Furthermore, cooperation among scientists and students as well as protecting Slovenian-American historic and cultural heritage in the USA is one of the top priorities for the next few years.

Ambassador highlighted importance of strong commitment to the Trans-Atlantic relationship and strategic partnership between the EU and the U.S. Time and again, Trans-Atlantic partnership has proven to be effective, necessary and beneficial to both sides, as well as to the international community. Strong Trans-Atlantic relationship is indispensable and necessary for ensuring security in the Euro-Atlantic area. The United States of America is our strategic partner and ally with which we share values and interests. We work together in further enhancing security and stability in the Western Balkans.

Nevertheless, the non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council in the period 2024–2025 will allow Slovenia to take our collaboration for global peace, security and stability to a completely new level. The growing problems of climate change, energy demands, cyber security and new world paradigm represent new opportunities for cooperation in the areas of green transition and development.

President Biden expressed his welcome to Ambassador Mirošič upon starting his work in the United States, at a time particularly important for the European security. He described Slovenia as an important partner and ally in NATO. We work together to support Ukraine in the face of aggression and to promote EU membership for the countries of the Western Balkans. President Biden also congratulated Slovenia on the successful campaign for the non-permanent membership in the UN Security Council, and looks forward to collaborating in the joint promotion of democratic principles. He highlighted that Slovenia and the United States are partners in the fight against the causes and consequences of climate change for the sustainable future of our planet. He particularly emphasized the importance of further work to strengthen bilateral political and economic relations between the two countries.