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Upgrade of the Domžale railway station completed

Construction works at the Domžale railway station have come to an end. The railways station now boasts a modernised platform and rail infrastructure, a new underpass for passengers, and a refurbished station building.

Preparation and construction works at the Domžale railway station began towards the end of July 2022 and in September 2022 respectively and were completed in late July 2023.

As part of the Domžale railway station upgrade project, new side and island platforms with an overhanging roof were built. The total length of the platforms is 160 m. Platforms and access routes are fitted with urban equipment, such as benches, waste bins, information signs and equipment, which include access floor markings, local and directional boards, pictograms, information panels, inscription plates in Braille, bicycle ramps, etc. SOS posts and platform clocks are also installed on the island and side platforms. LED track displays and two central LCD displays with information on train departures are installed to visually inform passengers. For greater safety of the platform infrastructure and in the area of the railway station, a video surveillance system and new passenger sound and lighting systems have been installed. Overhanging roofs have been installed over the underpass staircase, at the station building, at the side platform and at the turning point for buses. Overhanging roofs are made so that they provide easy access to the elevator on each platform, which facilitates unhindered access to and use of railway station infrastructure. A part of the overhanging roof of the island platform is also designed as a shelter for passengers. Access routes are bordered by metal railings, and a panel fence runs along the entire length of the station’s west side, preventing passengers from crossing the tracks.

Access to the new island platform is provided by a new underpass, which has entrances from both the west and east sides of the station and an exit to the island platform. Stairs and elevators have been built at all three access routes, which allow the simultaneous transportation of 15 people. The new underpass also connects to Kolodvorska and Roška streets. The construction of the 31.37-metre-long and 5.2-metre-wide underpass took place in phases and lasted six months. In order to minimise hinderance in rail traffic, the main staircase was built on the side of the station building in the area of the previous emergency route in October 2022. During the closure of tracks 1 and 3 in the period between January and March 2023, part of the reinforced concrete frame of the underpass with two elevator shafts was built. At the same time, work was also carried out on the lower and upper structures and the drainage in the area of the new tracks 1 and 3. From March to May 2023, traffic was diverted to the newly built tracks, track 2 was closed and the island platform and a staircase to Roška street were built. Work was also carried out on the lower and upper structures and the  drainage in the area of track 2.

The station building also has a new look, with a renovated waiting room, ticket office, technical rooms and toilets. There is also a new roof and facade and exterior and interior joinery. The building was newly connected to natural gas heating. Before that, the building had electric heating and was a major consumer of electricity.

Due to the expansion of the technical rooms, the waiting room has been moved under the existing overhanging roof and is fully glazed. A new automatic sliding door has been installed on the west side of the waiting room, creating a connection from the parking lot with the waiting room and toilets to the train station platforms via the new underpass. The station building ensures unimpeded access, entry and use of the facility.

The rail infrastructure, comprising 1,360 m of track, five switches and a level crossing right in front of the Domžale station was upgraded. New signalling and telecommunications devices were also installed.

For easier access to the railway station, there is a parking lot with 21 parking spaces for cars, two for motorbikes and four for disabled people. There are also three pedestrian crossings in the parking lot, which have been raised to the level of the sidewalks with traffic calming devices to ensure greater traffic safety and unhindered access for disabled persons. On the north side of the parking lot, there is a bus turning circle area with bus shelter that allows buses to stop and turn around. Road connections from entry roads to the garages have been rebuilt. Appropriate vertical and horizontal traffic signalling has been installed, which enables circular one-way traffic both through the turning circle area and through the parking lot and past the garages of the nearby residential complex.

The total value of all signed contracts is EUR 18.11 million, of which EUR 11.67 million has been contributed by the European Union as part of the Recovery and Resilience Plan.

More information about the Domžale railway station upgrade project is available on the “Krajšamo razdalje” web portal.