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Message from Prime Minister Robert Golob on Solidarity Day

Below is a message from Prime Minister Robert Golob on Solidarity Day.

Message on Solidarity Day.

Message on Solidarity Day. | Author UKOM

Dear Slovenian citizens,

Due to the natural disaster that has hit Slovenia, today has been declared a day of solidarity and a day off work. The decision followed calls from citizens who saw the extra day off as an opportunity to clean up after the recent floods and to help their fellow citizens and communities. 

Help has many faces and is welcome in many forms – from volunteering on the ground and at aid collection centres to donations to humanitarian organisations be it today or in the weeks and months ahead. The Civil Protection Unit in your town will know best where and when your help is most needed.

Solidarity Day is not only a day to help people in need of help or comfort, it is also a day to show support for all those affected and to reassure them that they are not and will not be alone in their time of need. We can use this Monday off to help in homes for the elderly or to lend a hand to neighbours or friends. The main theme of the day should be solidarity, mutual assistance and support. In any form and to the best of our ability. If the help comes voluntarily and from the heart, our purpose will be achieved.

May the great unity and unanimity that we have shown at a time when we have been hit by a major disaster continue in all other decisions for the good of Slovenia. Together we are the strongest.

I would like to thank all of you who are helping and creating a better tomorrow with our fellow human beings in mind.

Dr Robert Golob
Prime Minister