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What do Večernji list, The Guardian, The New York Times, The Independent, Le Monde, The Times and Die Presse have in common?

In the past week, we have once again been delighted by the numerous articles in foreign media praising the beauty of Slovenia.

Tadej Pogačar

Tadej Pogačar, The Times | Author STO

While Večernji list invites you to Krško, The Guardian is again extolling the beauty of Bled and Bohinj. The New York Times is enthusiastic about the Walk of Peace trail, The Independent invites you to Ljubljana, while Le Monde talks in depth about bees, The Times about Tadej Pogačar and Die Presse about the unearthly underground beauty of the karst caves in Slovenia, which, if things keep going the way they are, will soon have more caves than inhabitants.

In addition to the destinations that appear quite frequently in foreign articles – among them, for example, Bled and Bohinj, which Dixe Wills mentions in The Guardian's article on the best and most affordable bus journeys, and Ljubljana, which we read about in The Independent –, this time we also had the opportunity to read in the Croatian Večernji list about Krško, which has been described as "a town that delights lovers of stories and wine", about the Walk of Peace trail, which was featured in The New York Times in an article entitled "2023 Is the Year of the Long Walk", about bees and tradition on Slovenian soil, which impressed a reporter from French newspaper Le Monde, and, last but not least, about our boy wonder, Tadej Pogačar, who came under the microscope of The Times. Die Presse focuses on the unearthly underground beauties of the karst caves, among which the Postojna Cave is named the queen.

So why not read the articles? Links to the articles can be found above, though please note that access to some of the content may require subscription.