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Reception on National Day

On the occasion of the upcoming National Day of Slovenia, the Embassy in Copenhagen prepared a reception for the Slovenian community and friends.

In his speech, Ambassador Mihael Zupančič highlighted the excellent cooperation between Denmark and Slovenia and the strong ties between the residents of the two countries.

He mentioned the successful cooperation with the Association of Danish Beekeepers, the European Environment Agency and the association of the Danish food industry, Food Nation Denmark, with whom we connected during the preparation of World Bee Day. He particularly emphasized the importance of bees for ensuring food security and, consequently, their importance for peace and security in the world.

The ambassador once again expressed Slovenia's unwavering solidarity with Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of unity and the support of the democratic world.

In his address, he also mentioned the news about Slovenia's successful candidacy for a non-permanent seat in the UN Security Council, which reflects Slovenia's commitment to world peace, security and diplomacy to the greatest extent.

He congratulated all the Slovenians present on the occasion of the National Day and wished them a happy celebration.

Slovenian classical guitarist Danni Stražar played and sang few Slovenian folk songs.

The ambassador stands with a microphone in his hands and addresses the guests, the Danish, Slovenian and European flags are in the background.

Ambassador Mihael Zupančič

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