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Prime Minister hosts a Meeting of Mayors of Slovenian Municipalities

The Prime Minister, Dr Robert Golob, hosted the first meeting of mayors of Slovenian municipalities with the aim of strengthening constructive dialogue and partnership between municipalities and the Government.

The discussions on current issues were also attended by the Ministers of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. “Only cooperation between local authorities and the Government can produce the results that will most benefit the people,” the Prime Minister said after the meeting.  

During the discussion, the participants touched upon current issues and put forward some specific initiatives. Among other things, they welcomed the Government’s swift assistance following the natural disasters witnessed over the past year. Government representatives informed the mayors that the Government had removed all obstacles for the start of drawing EUR 3.26 billion from the new financial perspective. The simplifications adopted will allow the funds to be returned to municipal budgets more quickly.  

Regarding the issue of the funding of municipalities or the rate of the lump sum funding, the Prime Minister said that there would be no increase in the lump sum funding this year, but that next year’s increase would be discussed in the context of budget negotiations. “In the course of these negotiations, there is enough time and space for representatives of local authorities and the Government to sit down and address the issue of the lump sum funding for next year,” said Dr Golob. He added that nothing had been promised. “However, we sincerely intend to discuss this respectfully and find solutions that will ultimately make everyone happy.” 

The Government will compensate municipalities for increased costs and prices this year on a case-by-case basis, according to calculations. As the Prime Minister highlighted, talks on compensation will be finalised later this month under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Administration. He announced that these costs would first have to be identified, and only then are funds to be provided. This would be similar to the principle applied, for example, in the case of avalanche interventions. 

Prime Minister Robert Golob hosted the first meeting of mayors of Slovenian municipalities.

The aim of the meeting is to strengthen constructive dialogue and partnership between municipalities and the Government.