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Slovenian EUSDR Presidency at the Trio Presidencies Meeting

During the EU Macro-Regional Strategies Week (EU MRS Week), which took place in Brussels from 24 to 28 April 2023, the Slovenian Presidency of the EUSDR chaired the 7th Meeting of Trio Presidencies of Macro-Regional Strategies and the European Commission. The central topic for discussion was the common challenges of the MRS and their further cooperation in the framework of the Trio Presidencies.


Slovenian EUSDR Presidency at the Trio Presidencies Meeting | Author MZEZ

At today's meeting, the Slovenian EUSDR Presidency proposed a framework for setting a common ground to increase the effectiveness and coherence of the MRS Trio Presidencies' work.

The meeting of MRS Trio Presidencies (EUSAIR, EUSDR, EUSALP and EUSBSR) is a unique format of cooperation between all four EU MRS. The participants of the meeting discussed the proposal for a cooperation framework aimed at improving the planning, effectiveness and consistency of cooperation in this format.