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Prime Minister Golob joins Rejuvenate Forests 2023 volunteer campaign

Prime Minister Robert Golob took part in the volunteer tree-planting campaign Rejuvenate Forests 2023, which took place near Renče in the Goriška Karst region.

More than 200 volunteers joined forces to plant around a thousand seedlings and sow 24 kilogrammes of seeds.

The Prime Minister used the occasion to bring back to mind last year’s wildfire in the area and the resulting very difficult situation, which was contained thanks to the selflessness of the firefighters: “The important thing is to keep the Karst region in our focus. On the one hand to prevent fires, which is why we are buying fire-fighting equipment and planes, and on the other to regenerate nature in the area.”

The Prime Minister believes that this action will prompt further reforestation campaigns in the Karst. “Each one of us can contribute to a better environment and to preventing the effects of climate change,” the Prime Minister concluded.