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State Secretary Črnčec: The strongest message is the unity of the European Union and NATO

State Secretary Dr Damir Črnčec was recently a guest on the State of the Alliance programme produced by the Centre for European Policy Analysis (CEPA).

In the programme, State Secretary Črnčec assessed, among other things, the role and support of the transatlantic alliance in the wake of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, how the changed security environment is affecting defence investments in Slovenia, and answered the question of what Ukraine’s victory should be in order to bring about a secure and free Europe. It was also in the light of the war in Ukraine that State Secretary Črnčec outlined Slovenia's cyber resilience and thanked the United States for its assistance.

"We should not think that we are tired of a war in which Ukrainians are losing their lives. As long as Ukraine is willing to fight, it is our moral duty to support them in this fight," State Secretary Črnčec pointed out, among other things. He also stressed that the war in Ukraine had brought NATO and the European Union together in a united response and the strong message sent by Finland and Sweden's desire to renounce neutrality and join NATO.

Finally, State Secretary Dr Damir Črnčec also pointed out that traditional and modern warfare are intertwined in Ukraine. We must return to traditional military doctrines, Dr Črnčec stressed and concluded that it is not enough to help Ukraine with arms and ammunition, but we must invest in all kinds of capabilities that will allow us to maintain readiness, as this is what most deters potential aggressors from attacking.

On YouTube channel of the Ministry of Defence, You can watch the recording of the conversation .