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Meeting of State Secretary Maksimiljana Polak with representatives of the Association of Helping Paws

State Secretary for the Establishment of Dialogue with Civil Society and Coordination of Citizens' Initiatives Maksimiljana Polak and Head of the Cabinet of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Dejan Süč met with representatives of the volunteer association "Tačke pomocčke" and other representatives of animal advocates.

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Representatives of the volunteer association Tačke pomáhčke presented the variety of therapeutic work they do with the help of dogs in 126 different institutions across Slovenia, as well as the problems they face in their work. Therapy with the help of dogs is gaining more and more popularity in Slovenia among the professional public, which is also confirmed by the special decisions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Slovenia, which granted the Association of Helping Paws the status of a humanitarian organisation and the status of an association operating in the public interest in the field of health care.