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Maribor among the top 3 European destinations in 2023

Maribor was awarded the excellent 3rd place in the Best European Destination 2023 competition and was named Europe's Best Culinary Destination.


Maribor ranks as one of the most beautiful Slovenian destinations among the European Best Destinations 2023 | Author STO

The Styrian capital received more than 68,600 votes and beat tourist icons such as Vienna, London, Copenhagen and Prague, and among the culinary destinations, Rome, Porto and Paris.

Warsaw was named the best 2023 European destination, followed by Athens in second place and Maribor in third place. A total of 686,244 votes from 178 countries were cast on Europe's most visited tourism website 48% of the votes came from within Europe and 52% from outside Europe. Maribor received the most votes from the UK (28% of the votes), the USA (13%), Germany (11%), Austria (9%), France (6%) and Italy (5.4%). 

The destinations will be included in the intensive international promotional campaign in the prestigious media such as Forbes USA, Condé Nast Travelers, National Geographic, Corriere Viaggi, Yahoo and Geo. The potential reach of the European Best Destinations platform is over 400 million travellers and members of the interested public with an estimated marketing value of over €1.6 million.

The very first article, which resulted from this major success, is the article in Forbes by Cecilia Rodriguez: "The picturesque natural scenery offers endless opportunities for hiking, biking, skiing, and other adrenaline-bosting sports."

Source: Slovenian Tourist Board