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Prime Minister's response to the draft resolution on Russia's classification among countries that support terrorism

In this difficult situation for the entire European Union, we need our positions to be firm and uniform. Any uncoordinated political action is unnecessary and out of place. On the first anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, we need political unity both at home and at the European level.

Since the first day of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, this has been the key guideline of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. There have been many condemnations of Russian aggression on the part of Slovenia and we do not need new political declarations. Now it's about doing everything to stop Russian aggression, to reach an armistice and to finally give diplomacy a chance. Accordingly, we will continue to strongly support Ukraine so that it may defend itself as a victim, because actions speak louder than words and because this is our international legal and, above all, moral duty.