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Slovenian State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Samuel Žbogar visit to China for political consultations

From January 17 to January 19, the Slovenian State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia, Samuel Žbogar, was in China for political consultations. On January 18, the state secretary Žbogar visited MOFCOM and had a courtesy meeting with the Deputy Minister of Commerce Mr. Ling Ji. This was followed on January 19, 2023 by had political consultations between the Slovenian State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Samuel Žbogar and Deng Li, the Vice Foreign Minister in Beijing. The state secretary Žbogar also met with representatives of the Slovenian business community in Shanghai and Beijing.
Talks between the delegations

Talks between the delegations

During the political consultations, the State secretary Žbogar said that the celebration of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations highlighted friendly collaboration and fruitful results for both sides. He stressed that this year the Republic of Slovenia and the People's Republic of China are opening a new chapter for collaboration on bilateral and multilateral platforms. The state secretary Žbogar underscored that he sees this as a good opportunity for enhancing cooperation in the economy, trade, culture, and education.  

Deng Li said that since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Slovenia friendly relations between the two countries have developed in the spirit of mutual respect and mutual trust, and that the results of this cooperation have been increasingly prosperous.

After the political consultations with vice minister Deng Li, the state secretary Žbogar briefly met the new Minister of Foreign affairs of People's Republic of China Qing Gang, and conveyed the congratulations of the Slovenian Minister of Foreign Affairs Tanja Fajon, on his election.

The Slovenian State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Samuel Žbogar, paid the courtesy meeting to the Palace Museum, where he met with the director, Mr. Wang Xudong and after that also visited the Ancient Beijing observatory. There he met with representatives of the Ancient Beijing observatory and with representatives of the Beijing Academy of Science and Technology and the Beijing Planetarium. One of the purposes of the visit was to talk about the organization of the exhibition of the documents of the Slovenian mathematician, astronomer, cartographer, diplomat, humanist, missionary, and Jesuit theologian Ferdinand Augustin Haller von Hallerstein ( also known as Liu Songling, 1703-1774), who spent 35 years at the imperial court of the Qianlong Emperor as the head of the Imperial Astronomical Bureau and Board of Mathematics and gained the rank of the third official of the Chinese court in the year of 2023 in Beijing.