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The eOsebna mobile app makes it easier to use your electronic identity card

The eOsebna mobile app is available on Google Play and the App Store. The app makes it easier to use your electronic ID card to identify yourself when using online services and to manage your electronic ID card passwords.

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eOsebna | Author Ministry of Public Administration

The eOsebna mobile app aims to make it easier for Slovenian citizens to use their electronic ID card, which contains three digital certificates. The digital signature certificate and the high-level digital certificate are PIN-protected, while the low-level digital certificate can be accessed without entering a PIN. The mobile app enables contactless use of the electronic identity card using NFC. 

To use it, one needs an Android or iOS smartphone that supports NFC. NFC is supported by the vast majority of Android smartphones and iPhones (iPhone 7 and newer).

The eOsebna electronic ID card, together with a smartphone, acts as an ID card reader with a chip and allows both high-level and low-level digital certificates to be used when logging in to websites that require identification. Once you have the mobile app installed on your smartphone, you need to link your ID card to it by entering the CAN code, which is the 6 digits that are printed vertically along the right-hand edge on the front of your ID card. The mobile app can also be used to link multiple ID cards, allowing, for example, several family members to use their electronic ID cards with a single smartphone.

Once linked, the electronic ID card can be used to log in to any online application that allows you to log in using the SI-PASS authentication and signature service. To do this, select the log in using the electronic ID card and mobile app option from the list. This can be done in a browser accessed on either a mobile device or computer. When using a computer, you need to scan the QR code displayed on your PC screen when you log in via the eOsebna app.

The eOsebna mobile app also allows you to change the app settings and view your electronic ID card details. You can also use the mobile app to activate your electronic ID card, change your PIN or unlock it with a PUK code.

More information on the electronic ID card and the eOsebna mobile app is available on the Trust Service Authority of Slovenia website. There you can also find more detailed information on how to use the eOsebna mobile app. In early January 2023, we will also give a live demonstration of how to use the eOsebna mobile app, and make video clips and detailed video demonstrations available on how to set up and use the app.

In addition to the eOsebna app, it is still possible to use an electronic ID card (with a reader) to log in to electronic services and for electronic signing and managing passwords.