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State celebration in honour of Independence and Unity

On Friday, 23 December 2022, a state celebration will take place in Ljubljana in honour of Independence and Unity Day. Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia, Robert Golob, will be the keynote speaker.

Slovenian flag

For Slovenians, 26 December is one of the most important days in the nation’s contemporary history. | Author Stanko Gruden /STA

The programme of the celebration entitled “Here, there, everywhere...” is being prepared by the screenwriter and director Neda R. Bric together with the video director Jasna Hribernik and other colleagues. The concept of the artistic part of the celebration is designed to reveal the life paths of Slovenians who have built successful careers beyond Slovenia’s borders, either because they were born abroad or because their excellence transcended the borders of their native land. The second part of the celebration will unveil the life paths of people with roots abroad but who found their home in Slovenia. The performers include the young, world-renowned pianist Alexander Gadjiev.

On 26 December, Slovenia marks Independence and Unity Day to commemorate the date of 26 December 1990, when the official results of the plebiscite, carried out three days before, were announced. The holiday, known simply as Independence Day until 2005, was renamed after the adoption of the amended Public Holidays and Work-off Days in the Republic of Slovenia Act. The change was made to emphasize the unity of the citizens who decided for independent Slovenia in the plebiscite.

Unity was namely what marked the plebiscite on Slovenia’s independence. As much as 93.2% of eligible voters took to the polls, with 95% of them answering the question whether Slovenia should become an independent and sovereign state in the affirmative.