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The 2023 winners of the Prešeren Awards and Prešeren Fund Awards announced

The recipients of Slovenia’s highest accolades for achievements in the arts for 2023 have been named. In line with the decision and resolutions of the Prešeren Fund Management Board, the 2023 Prešeren Award goes to multidisciplinary artist Ema Kugler, and the Academy-trained painter Prof. Herman Gvardjančič.

simbolična slika

Prešeren Fund Award

The 2023 Prešeren Fund Awards go to the following artists:

  • writer and journalist Dušan Jelinčič for the novel entitled Šepet nevidnega morja, dvanajst tablet svinca,
  • composer of theatre and film music Drago Ivanuša for projects between 2019 and 2022,
  • pianist Alexander Gadjiev for solo recitals and performances of piano concerts on Slovenian and foreign stages in the past three years,
  • Academy-trained painter Nikolaj Beer for the cycle of exhibitions in 2021 and 2022: Returning to Roots (Vračanje h koreninam) (Celje, 2021), exhibition at the Insula gallery (Izola, 2022) and the exhibition Selected Works 1986–2021 (Izbrana dela 1986–2021) (Kranj, 2022),
  • film director and screenwriter Matevž Luzar for the film The Orchestra (Orkester) and
  • architectural atelier Medprostor for achievements over the past three years (Hribljane wooden house, Šentvid sports facility, the Žiče Charterhouse complex).

A Prešeren Award is given to artists whose outstanding achievements over their lifetime have permanently enriched the treasury of Slovenian culture. A Prešeren Fund Award is given for outstanding artistic achievements that have been presented to the public in the three years prior to the award and have enriched Slovenian culture.