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Ministry of Foreign Affairs to provide funds to complete the reconstruction of a rehabilitation home in Ukraine

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has supported a project to complete the renovation of a rehabilitation home in Ukraine. With the project, which will be implemented by the Ministry’s strategic partner for humanitarian aid, Slovenian Caritas, Slovenia will help ensure facilities for the proper care and rehabilitation of 90 children, people with disabilities and young people with special needs, who are increasing in number as a consequence of the bombing.

Ukrainian children and young people with special needs will be able to stay in the home for longer periods during the war, and rotate between their homes and the rehabilitation facility in the post-war period. This will allow up to 1,500 children and young people with special needs to be rehabilitated annually.

There is a lack of facilities for the care and rehabilitation of people with disabilities in Ukraine. This type of care is mostly the domain of private institutions, which are too expensive for the majority of the population. Children and young people with disabilities lack opportunities to socialize with their peers as they stay at home and are cared for by their mothers, most of whom are not qualified to provide professional assistance. Furthermore, after the men have left for the front, women have assumed the responsibility to provide for the family, which means that children are often left to fend for themselves.

In the region where the rehabilitation home is located, there are around 6,000 children with special needs, and as many as 14,200 in the neighbouring regions. The number of children and young people with special needs in Ukraine has been increasing during the war due to the bombing, and more will need this type of assistance in the future.

The completion of the reconstruction of the home, for which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has allocated €133,939 in humanitarian aid, is one of many projects Slovenia has launched to help tackle the consequences of the war in Ukraine.