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State Secretary Štucin at 18th Salzburg Europe Summit on crises facing Europe

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

At the invitation of Prof. Dr Franz Schausberger, former Landeshauptmann (Governor) of Salzburg, State Secretary Marko Štucin took part in a debate as part of the 18th Salzburg Europe Summit taking place on 23–25 October 2022 in Salzburg under the title "Visions for Europe: Expectations and Reality".

State Secretary Štucin delivering a speech

State Secretary Štucin delivering a speech | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

State Secretary Štucin took part in the panel "Will the EU survive its crises?", the focus of which was on whether the EU, as currently constituted, can survive the crises it is currently facing: debt crisis, migration challenges, the consequences of Brexit, rise of national populism, threats to the rule of law, COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, a paralysed enlargement policy and the war in Ukraine.

"Slovenia would like to stress the importance of EU unity, which is needed more than ever before to help the Union respond to the crises it is facing. The Member States must continue with the integration process based on the values of peace and on democratic principles, while at the same time not forgetting about the countries aspiring to join the EU, especially the Western Balkan countries," explained State Secretary Štucin. "In addition, the EU must make every effort to move from crisis management to strategic planning," he added.

State Secretary Štucin went on to express Slovenia's full support for Ukraine and its people: "Given the rise of nationalism and radicalism in Europe, we need to continuously raise the awareness of the fact that today, a free and democratic society cannot be taken for granted, we need to fight for it. Democracy, freedom and solidarity should be inviolable. Showing solidarity is the key to a safer world."

The Salzburg Europe Summit is organised by the Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE), a non-profit foundation, and brings together renowned experts from politics, business, diplomacy, science and Europe's regions.

In addition to State Secretary Štucin, the opening panel discussion was attended by Vice-President of the European Parliament Nicola Beer, Austrian Secretary General for Foreign Affairs Peter Launsky-Tieffenthal, and Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia Bojan Marichikj. Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Olha Stefanishyna and Vice President of the European Investment Bank Lilyana Pavlova participated via video link. The debate was moderated by Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Austrian newspaper Kurier Richard Grasl.