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Minister Arčon visits the Primorska Technology Park

Today on 11 October 2022, Matej Arčon, Minister for Slovenians Abroad, visited the Primorska Technology Park (PTP) in Vrtojba and held a meeting with its Director, mag. Tanja Kožuh. Minister Arčon was accompanied by State Secretary Vesna Humar.
Matej Archon, Vesna Humar, M.Sc. Tanja Kožuh are sitting and talking.

Matej Arčon, Vesna Humar, mag. Tanja Kožuh | Author Primorski tehnološki park

The Minister presented the work of the Office and highlighted three fields that are important for the autochthonous Slovenian national community living in the neighbouring countries. He said that the Office dedicates considerable attention to Slovenian language learning, the inclusion of young people in activities and economic cooperation. These are the fields that offer great opportunities for cooperation with the Primorska Technology Park as well. "At the Office, we are constantly thinking about how to engage young Slovenians living outside our borders. The activities relating to entrepreneurship and innovation, which encourage young people to think creatively about their future, are certainly a good platform to attract them," the Minister added.

Director Kožuh spoke about the activities of the Primorska Technology Park and particularly focused on the importance of educating young people with regard to enterprise and entrepreneurship. PTP is successful in attracting young people from Italian schools that use Slovenian as the language of schooling into these activities, thus contributing to the preservation of the broader Slovenian area and integration of young people from across the state border. They especially contribute to the dissemination of entrepreneurial knowledge and provide an opportunity for young people to create their own future, the Director explained.

The discussion partners agreed that local institutions can contribute efficiently to the resolution of open issues and topical challenges. With its global positioning and operations, the Primorska Technology Park, physically located at the heart of the border area between Italy and Slovenia, contributes to the integration, including that of Slovenians living outside the national border.