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Meeting of Directors-General for the Environment

Within the framework of the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the meeting of Directors-General for the Environment is taking place in Prague, which is also attended by mag. Tanja Bolte, the Acting Director-General of the Environment Directorate. The event is intended to start an international discussion on the environment and be a platform for an exchange of views regarding the recent legislative initiative of the European Commission about nature restoration and harmonisation of plans.

The event has been divided into four thematic sets. The morning session included a presentation of the newest legislative proposals of the EU, i.e. the Nature Restoration Act and the Commission’s package on zero pollution and the circular economy package. The discussion focused on the Member State’s expected challenges when meeting the national objectives of restoration and methods for their resolution. The discussion partners also addressed the possibility of incorporating nature restoration into the existing financing instruments.

During the afternoon session, the Commission will review the implementation of environmentally friendly activities in 2022. The Member States exchange views regarding additional environmental measures at national and EU levels and discuss support for investment projects, which are directly beneficial for biodiversity.

The event will end with the presentation of the presiding country on the topic of light pollution.