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Slovenia presents its model of international development cooperation in Vienna

  • Ministry of Economic Development and Technology
The international regional conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO) on development cooperation in the European region is taking place in Vienna. Slovenia was invited to participate in the conference as an example of good practice and, as a result, the representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology are presenting the Slovenian model of international development cooperation.

As part of its cooperation with UNIDO, Slovenia developed the model of cooperation that also enables the realisation of the objectives of internationalisation of Slovenian economy. UNIDO promotes this model as a very successful way of participation of a small and open economy in international development cooperation. Slovenia is thus being placed on the global map of countries that contribute significantly to the development of humankind with regard to such cooperation. To this end, a plan of long-term cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and UNIDO was signed on 30 June 2022.

The Slovenian cooperation model is based on a public-private partnership and enables direct cooperation of Slovenian organisations, universities, institutions and companies and was recognised by UNIDO as an example of cooperation with economically smaller, yet open economies in the field of international development cooperation. Slovenia enables niche projects, in which it transfers its knowledge and technologies, and this very model is being presented by Slovenian representatives to their international colleagues at the regional conference, which is being attended by the representatives from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania.

As an export and increasingly more service-oriented highly developed country, Slovenia is taking advantage of the opportunities posed by the fourth industrial revolution and improves general working and living conditions at home and also around the world in cooperation with UNIDO. Slovenia will showcase its views in three presentations conducted by Barbara Žvokelj, the Ambassador at the Permanent Representation to the UN, OSCE and Other International Organisations in Vienna, mag. Janez Rogelj, the leading expert in international development cooperation, and mag. Maja Tomažič Vidovič, the Director of the Slovene Enterprise Fund.