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Majority of aid for farmers and fishermen already paid out within the measures to mitigate price increases

In the first half of September, the Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Agricultural Markets and Rural Development (ARSKTRP) started paying aid to the agricultural and fisheries sectors, which are facing increasing costs of production and processing due to the rising prices of fuel, electricity and intermediate goods. By 30 September, almost EUR 22.2 million of aid was paid out from the anticipated EUR 22.3 million.

All informative decisions for financial compensation due to high prices of intermediate goods in the total amount of EUR 14.9 million were issued by 30 September 2022. The aid calculation amounts to between EUR 50 and EUR 35,000 per farm.

The decisions for the allocation of exceptional adjustment aid for the sector of milk and dairy products were also issued; more than 3,600 decisions in the total amount of EUR 5.2 million were issued and already paid out by 26 September. The indicative payment amounts to about EUR 60 per dairy cow.

Within the framework of the financial compensation used for agricultural machinery due to high energy prices, more than 19,600 informative decisions were issued. The payment of decisions issued and totalling EUR 2.1 million is anticipated for today, 30 September. Everyone eligible in 2021 for the refund of excise duty for energy products used for agricultural machinery will receive compensation.

In the last week of September, 13 decisions for the financial compensation of the costs in fisheries relating to the powering of fishing vessels due to high energy prices were issued in the total amount of EUR 6,170.

Minister Irena Šinko highlighted that it was very important in these difficult times for the Government and the line ministry to react promptly, draft the anticipated measures and implement them within the estimated time. "I am pleased that we were able to help farmers and fishermen swiftly at a time when costs are increasing, and prompt aid is crucial. As very uncertain times and the winter are ahead, we will further intensively monitor the situation in the sector so we can react quickly in accordance with the circumstances at home and around the world, which are uncertain. I believe that we will also find solutions in the future and help everyone experiencing problems."