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Completion of buildings in the Pod Pekrsko gorco neighbourhood in Maribor

The Minister of the Environment and Spatial Planning, Uroš Brežan, and the Minister of Labour, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities, Luka Mesec, participated in the ceremony to mark the opening of the new modern Pod Pekrsko gorco neighbourhood in Maribor. The aforementioned neighbourhood is one of 34 projects to be developed under the auspices of Housing Fund of the Republic of Slovenia, which is supported by the Recovery and Resilience Plan (RRP) and financed by the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB).

At the end of July, the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning (MESP) approved EUR 60 million in European funds from the RRP for 34 projects that will provide an additional 1,036 public rental housing units. The investment follows last June’s amendments to the Housing Act, which envisages the alignment of the amount of the non-profit rent of public housing funds and additional borrowing by the latter, with the aim of facilitating the construction of additional public rental housing units and the activation of vacant private housing units in the scope of the public rental service.

The amendments to the Housing Act thus established sustainable conditions for the functioning of housing funds and promoted projects such as the Pod Pekrsko gorco neighbourhood. In the tender issued under the RRP, the MESP gave priority to projects that ensure the most energy-efficient solutions. The aforementioned neighbourhood will thus serve as an example of good practice in terms of sustainable construction, energy efficiency and a quality living environment.

“Two truly historic developments are taking place in the field of residential construction in Slovenia. First, the Housing Fund, as the driver of housing policy, is steadily moving towards its target of providing 10 thousand public rental housing units by 2025 and, secondly, 82% of all housing units from the tender will meet the highest A1 energy efficiency rating requirements,” said Minister Brežan.

The Pod Pekrsko gorco project is valued at EUR 51.1 million (excluding VAT), with grants accounting for almost EUR 22 million of that amount. The project involves a nearly zero-energy building that will facilitate optimal living comfort with low energy consumption. This is ensured by an efficient thermal envelope, protection from the sun, ventilation and the option to install air conditioning devices.

There are many green areas for residents, with playgrounds for children of all ages, walking trails and an exercise area for adults and seniors. There will also be an installation for electric car chargers and a pre-installation for a solar power plant.