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Prime Minister Robert Golob in Paris on key European challenges

At the invitation of French President Emmanuel Macron, the Slovenian Prime Minister, Dr Robert Golob, visited Paris today.

In a friendly atmosphere, Dr. Golob and his French counterpart sought common solutions to Europe's most pressing challenges. They exchanged views on the current  crisis in Ukraine and agreed that the European Union's response must be united in its support for the Ukrainian people in their fight for freedom. They stressed that, when implementing sanctions, it is necessary to seek solutions that do not affect the most vulnerable countries. They also discussed the rising cost of living, noting that  bothcountries are taking similar measures to regulate energy and food prices, with private households at the forefront of thier concerns. Both leaders also discussed the potential of nuclear technology for a green breakthrough and agreed to work more closely on tackling the issue of energy prices. They agreed to work towards Europe giving the Western Balkans a clear view on their prospects for accession. In this regard, it is important that progress be made on securing EU candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina before the December European Summit.