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The latest issue of Sinfo has been released

Sinfo, a promotional magazine in English, published by the Government Communication Office, brings news on culture, sports, science, the economy and tourism. The latest Sinfo issue presents the key priorities of the government, and inter alia, highlights the Men's Volleyball World Championship.
Cover of Sinfo magazine.

Sinfo, a promotional magazine in English. | Author Urad vlade za komuniciranje

In June, the new Slovenian government, now headed by dr. Robert Golob, took the oath of office. The government's key priorities and vision are presented. Increasing attention is given to sports, as the Men's Volleyball World Championship is taking place soon – an excellent sporting spectacle that will not only be a sports show, but also an opportunity to promote Slovenia and exchange experiences, as well as for networking and intercultural cooperation. Slovenians can say without a doubt that Slovenes are champions. And not only in sports. But also in literature, science, culture.

In addition to the topics mentioned above, the latest issue of Sinfo provides information on Slovenian foreign policy directions, European Year of Youth activities, plans for the Slovenia project, and also presents the guest of honour at the International Book Fair in Frankfurt 2023, Slovenian cuisine and economy.

You are invited to read the latest issue of Sinfo magazine.

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