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Memorandum of understanding in the field of cyber security signed between Slovenia and Ukraine

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed on 27 July 2022 in Kyiv between the Office of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Information Security and the Administration of the State Service of Ukraine for Special Communications and Cyber Security Data Protection.

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to promote cooperation and exchange between the participants in ICT-related fields, with particular emphasis on the policy-making, legislative, judicial, educational and policing fields, and the scientific field of ICT, in accordance with the principles of equality, reciprocity, mutual benefit and respect for state sovereignty. The memorandum was concluded with the awareness that information and communication technologies open up new opportunities and are essential tools for the social and economic development of countries, that it is necessary to join efforts in order to be able to develop and spread new technologies that promote the establishment of a secure global information space and the desire to create a common framework in the field of cyber security and the awareness that cooperation between participants will facilitate the achievement of common goals.

Slovenian and Ukrainian representatives sign a memorandum of understanding

Memorandum of understanding signed between Slovenia and Ukraine in the field of cyber security | Author Urad Vlade RS za informacijsko varnost

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