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Self-sufficiency rates with honey and fruit very low

Self-sufficiency rates with honey and fruit very low In 2021, a resident of Slovenia consumed on average 116 kg of vegetables, 115 kg of cereals, 109 kg of fruit, 89 kg of meat, 63 kg of potatoes, 11 kg of eggs and 0.60 kg of honey for food.

Self-sufficiency rates lower on average than a year ago

Self-sufficiency rates in plant balances were lower than in 2020 due to bad weather conditions. In the case of animal balances, self-sufficiency rates were higher than in 2020, except for honey. As regards plant balances, the self-sufficiency rate for fruit (14%) was lower by 22 percentage points, for potatoes (44%) by 16 percentage points, for vegetables (44%) by 4 percentage points and for cereals (85%) by 3 percentage points. As regards animal balances, the self-sufficiency rate in eggs (97%) was 2 percentage points higher and in meat (85%) 1 percentage point higher. The self-sufficiency rate for honey (15%) was lower by 52 percentage points. The self-sufficiency rates for honey, fruit and potatoes are thus the lowest since 2000.

More information: Statistical Office