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Minister of Health on resolving the situation in primary healthcare

Minister of Health Danijel Bešič Loredan and his team met today with the representatives of the Coordination of medical organisations, i.e. the Medical Chamber of Slovenia (ZZS), the FIDES union, the Slovenian Medical Association (SZD) and the Slovenian Professional Association of Private Doctors and Dentists (SZZZZS).

Minister for Health and his team at a working meeting

Minister for Health and his team at a working meeting

Tina Šapec, Secretary General of the ZZS, pointed out the challenges when updating legal norms and highlighted the desire of the organisation for enhanced participation in the digitalisation of processes in healthcare. The discussions focused on the challenges of specialisations, subspecialisations and the acquisition of special knowledge. The discussion partners also spoke about the problems of delays due to a two-year asymmetric treatment of COVID patients and the lack of staff when implementing programmes. They all agreed that a patient must receive the service they need when they need it.

According to the Minister, the first task is to stabilise the situation in primary healthcare and complete the network of emergency centres. The first objective is to make sure that all services are paid for, and the second objective is to ensure that hospitals are managed in a stimulating manner. If the system is stabilised within one year, it will be possible to implement the health reform that has been planned for many years.