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Minister Danijel Bešič Loredan: "We all see the same problems, which is a good starting point."

At today’s meeting with the representatives of nursing care and the primary level, the Minister set the foundations for solid cooperation.
Bešič Loredan during the press statement

Minister Bešič Loredan

The Minister initially presented the reasons for establishing a new nursing care directorate at the morning meeting with the representatives of nursing care. The directorate will be established by State Secretary Aleksandra Lah Topolšek in cooperation with the responsible persons at the Ministry of Health.

In the continuation, the participants spoke about the fields that must be regulated. The emphasis was on the staffing situation in healthcare and the common objectives in individual fields. Monika Ažman, President of the Nurses and Midwives Association of Slovenia, said, "It is important to determine how to retain ageing personnel in nursing care and midwifery and encourage young people to pursue these occupations."

Minister Bešič Loredan stated, "We cannot talk about the objective situation of the personnel in nursing care, as no one in the nursing care system has such data available. We must first obtain objective numbers in order to seek further solutions. What I would point out from today’s meeting is the fact that we all see the same problems, which is a good starting point."

"The purpose of the meeting is to set the foundations for solid cooperation," the Minister stressed after the afternoon meeting with the representatives of the primary level. The urgent need to regulate this field was also emphasised by State Secretaries Breda Božnik and Tadej Ostrc.

The representatives of the primary level supported the Ministry’s plans, such as the definition of shortage occupations, relief of administrative burdens, payment for all services provided and arrangement of the emergency medical assistance network. In his desire for an open and two-way communication, the Minister proposed that the meetings become regular practice.