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Handover of official business between the former Minister Dr Logar and the new Minister Fajon

Today, former Minister Dr Anže Logar handed over the official business to newly appointed Minister Tanja Fajon. Upon taking up her duties, Minister Fajon thanked her predecessor for his work and outlined her vision at the helm of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia.

“It is my wish to act as an active and binding force giving new impetus to the diplomatic service and the foreign policy structure. I firmly believe that the feminine leadership principles will also bring a different, fresh approach. I am taking over the ministry at a demanding time, when a war is raging on the European soil, causing enormous suffering and loss to the people of Ukraine, and stoking fears of food and energy crises elsewhere. As Minister of Foreign Affairs, I will do everything in my power for Slovenia to actively contribute to the end of this war,” told Minister Fajon, first woman in the history of Slovenia to become minister of foreign affairs.

She also announced her first steps, which include active endeavours to end the war in Ukraine, also by creating a special working group to monitor the situation in a comprehensive manner, returning Slovenia among the EU core countries, commitment to the rule of law, strengthening of alliances with core countries of the EU and a series of activities to optimise the functioning of the ministry and modernise the Slovenian diplomatic service whose work must reflect and respond to the global challenges with determination.

At the end of his term, former Minister Dr Logar thanked all the co-workers at the ministry: “I would like to express my gratitude to all the diplomats for their work and endeavours to bring the active diplomacy to life, which was our objective since the outset, to successfully carry out the Presidency of the Council of the EU and to start building the diplomatic service in accordance with the foreign policy declaration and strategy, which all contributed to improving the reputation and power of the ministry. This is clearly reflected also in the earmarked budgetary resources and I believe this trend will also continue in the future.”