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In memoriam Boris Pahor

One of the most important Slovenian writers, a fighter for the national rights of Slovenians living abroad and an advocate of the importance of a nation, a Slovenian living in Italy and a great man has died today aged 108.
Boris Pahor's death resonates in Slovenia and abroad

Boris Pahor's death resonates in Slovenia and abroad | Author Claude Truong-Ngoc

In his conversation with Minister Jaklitsch two years ago, Pahor highlighted and stressed how important it is to appreciate and be aware of our Slovenian identity. To respect one’s culture, language and land, and to remain and live as a Slovenian is not nationalistic, it is affiliation and love for one’s nation. As he explained, he has always been a friend to Italians, French and others, but he was, first and foremost, a Slovenian and proud of it.

At an early age, Pahor experienced the pain of being deprived of his mother tongue and denied his Slovenian identity. On the basis of unfortunately frequently bitter life experiences and an exceptionally sharp and insightful mind, he became a great advocate of the importance of a nation. He always pointed out that respect for one’s culture, language and land is crucial for the survival of Slovenians in Italy and, in general, for an individual and humankind throughout the world.

Mr Pahor, rest in peace. Thank you for always reminding us with your outspokenness what true values are and what is worth fighting for.