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Raising Awareness of the Importance of Bees and other pollinators "Bee Engaged"

The Embassy in Copenhagen, in cooperation with the European Environment Agency, organized a "Bee Engaged" awareness event on the occasion of this year's World Bee Day. The discussion took place at the headquarters of the European Environment Agency and was also available online.

Ambassador Mr. Edvin Skrt and the Executive Director of the European Environment Agency Dr. Hans Bruyninckx said in the introduction that bees and other pollinators are closely linked to issues such as nature and biodiversity conservation, sustainable agriculture, global food supply and eradication of hunger.

In addition two panels of experts from Slovenia, Denmark and the EU institutions presented to the participants the measures, activities and tools that can be used in the conservation of bees by individuals who e.g. build shelters for bees, or local authorities that can promote urban greening and the use of bees for pollination in agriculture, or national governments committed to educated agriculture, or the EU providing resources and policies such as the EU's 2030 Pollinators Strategy or European Green Agreement.

The first panel was "From caring for bees to the resilience of our societies" with dr. Janko Božič from the Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana, Mr. Jørgen Pedersen from the Wild Bee Society in Denmark, dr. Lise Hansted from the Danish Beekeepers Association and Mr. Thomas Holst of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. On the second panel entitled "How national and European environmental and agricultural policies provide a better environment for bees and other pollinators", speakers were Mr. Andreas Gumbert from the European Commission's Directorate-General for the Environment, dr. Brigitte Lund from the Danish Agricultural Agency and Mr. Brian MacSharry from the European Environment Agency. Both panels and questions from the audience were moderated by Ms Katja Rosenbohm, Head of Communications at the European Environment Agency.

After an informative and interesting discussion, the participants of the event were able to try different types of Danish honey and pollen from organic production from the only beekeeper in Zealand Mr. Peter Sjøgren.

Ambassador is speaking, Dr Bruyninckx is on the big screen behind him

Edvin Skrt and dr. Hans Bruyninckx

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