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Parliamentary elections in Slovenia

In Sunday’s elections, the voters chose who they want in Deputy seats in the National Assembly for the next four years. The final results of the parliamentary elections are yet to be published.

Freedom Movement wins landslide as Slovenians vote for change

Freedom Movement wins landslide as Slovenians vote for change | Author

The Freedom Movement Party won in a landslide and obtained 41 seats according to partial unofficial results, which is the highest number in history. It is thus expected that Robert Golob will obtain a mandate to form a new government. In addition to the Freedom Movement, the following parties will also enter the National Assembly, i.e. the Slovenian Democratic Party, the New Slovenia – Christian Democrats, The Social Democrats and The Left.

All parties commended the turnout, which was highest since 2000. Together with postal votes arriving from Slovenia, the turnout exceeded 70 per cent. These are still partial unofficial results of the State Election Commission to which the votes arriving by post from Slovenia and those arriving from abroad on 3 May will be added. The State Election Commission must publish the official results by 10 May.