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Time for a book

Book Night, celebrated on 22 April, is a voluntary self-organised national and international project taking place for the seventh consecutive year in Slovenia, beyond its borders and around the world. Book Night marks World Book Day celebrated on 23 April and declared by UNESCO in 1996. The day of books was well-received in Slovenia. We celebrate books for an entire week.

Book Night is celebrated on 22 April and 23 April marks World Book Day

Book Night is celebrated on 22 April and 23 April marks World Book Day | Author

Book Night is an all-Slovenian project with the aim of covering the entire Slovenian territory and its border areas and integrate all generations, the youngest, seniors and everyone in between, with reading and books. Its mission is to promote reading and books in all layers of society through various cultural events. The project is of a non-commercial nature and conducted as a social campaign connecting many local organisers who independently select and implement cultural content. You can join Book Night by spending the evening reading books, telling and listening to poems, fairy-tales, fables and legends.

World Book Day raises awareness about the importance of books and calls on people to read. The day is dedicated to the promotion of reading, publishing and the protection of copyright and intellectual property. After a three-year pause, a book fair will again be organised in Zvezda Park in Ljubljana on the occasion of World Book Day. The Fair in the Fresh Air will take place on Saturday, 23 April. Publishers, booksellers and co-creators of the Slovenian book scene are cordially invited to take part in the fair. Everyone who wishes to sell books, socialise and co-create is also warmly welcome.

On the occasion of World Book Day, the Slovenian Writers’ Association also organised a series of events to commemorate its 150th anniversary. Dušan Merc, the acting President, is certain that challenges have always existed and always will but, according to him, the objective of the Association remains to preserve Slovenian literature and language.