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Slovenia and Poland to host the 2022 Volleyball Men’s World Championship

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

A joint press conference of the Slovenian and Polish Prime Ministers, Janez Janša and Mateusz Morawiecki, was held today to announce that Slovenia and Poland will organise the Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022. Russia cannot host this event due to the current circumstances and its aggression against Ukraine.

At the hybrid press conference, Prime Minister Janez Janša said that he was delighted to be able to join his dear friend, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, in announcing that Poland and Slovenia would co-host the Volleyball Men’s World Championship 2022. 

"The international volleyball federation has recognised the great sporting facilities of our countries and our role in dealing with the atrocities of the Russian aggressor that we are witnessing in Ukraine," said the Prime Minister, adding, "In view of the current political circumstances, the event, of course, cannot take place in Russia. This should never be allowed to happen. So we decided to organise the championship elsewhere. The main decision driver was our desire to hold the Russian aggressor, and not the rest of the sporting world, to account," stressed Prime Minister Janša. "Because of our quick and decisive joint decision, the event in Poland and Slovenia will take place without the participation of Russian volleyball players," he explained.

"We are pleased that our strong friendship with Poland will be reflected in the organisation of such a large and prestigious sporting event, which will bring together the best men’s volleyball players from all over the world," said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

In his words, Slovenian sport is a story of love for sport. "It is a story of passion, commitment and team work. But it is also a story of success." "Volleyball is one of the most successful sports in my country. For quite some time, Slovenians have been showing great enthusiasm for volleyball.  In 2015, our volleyball players won their first silver medal at the European Men’s Volleyball Championship in Bulgaria and Italy. In 2019, Slovenia together with Belgium, the Netherlands and France hosted the European Championship and won a silver medal. Our players showed outstanding performance. Slovenia also proved to be a good organiser which has the necessary infrastructure for such a big sporting event, bringing together so many players and thousands of fans," said the Slovenian Prime Minister.

"Our sporting community is based on the values of open competition, fair play, respect, solidarity and integrity. These are the values that the whole world is aspiring to. These values will also be at the centre of the 2022 Volleyball World Championship," commented Prime Minister Janša.  He also thanked all the Slovenian volleyball players who, with their results, have put Slovenia at the very top of sporting achievements in the world. "The upcoming Volleyball World Championship will definitely be a unique sporting event, and today I invite all 24 national teams from around the world and their fans to attend this year’s Volleyball World Championship taking place in safe and peaceful European countries," concluded Prime Minister Janša.