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Minister Podgoršek: "This beehive is a symbol of bringing peace to Ukraine as soon as possible"

Minister Jože Podgoršek handed a beehive symbolising hope for peace to the Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia Mykhailo Brodovych as a sign of strong support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.
Minister and ambassador standing and looking at the beehive.

Minister Jože Podgoršek and Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia Mykhailo Brodovych with the beehive. | Author Ministrstvo za kmetijstvo, gozdarstvo in prehrano.

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Minister Jože Podgoršek and the Ukrainian Ambassador to Slovenia met today at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food. Minister Podgoršek, who handed a beehive to the Ambassador, stated: "With this symbolic act, we want to convey a positive message to all citizens of Ukraine. Since Slovenia is a globally renowned beekeeping country with numerous successes, we would like to show that we care for them. We would like the beehive to bring them new hope like bees do each spring." Ambassador Mykhailo Brodovych said that he was extremely pleased to be the Ambassador to Slovenia. "I am very grateful for your wonderful and symbolic gift, which symbolises hope for our country. Although Slovenia is a small country, it has a big heart. Slovenia has been helping Ukraine in various fields since the beginning of the war."

Minister Podgoršek handed to the Ambassador a 10-frame AZ hive made of spruce wood with two hand-painted beehive panels. The painting is the work of Maja Mlakar from Kamnik. It represents a young girl who is full of hope and love and observes a dove with an olive branch in its beak coming to Earth to bring peace, truce and forgiveness. The painting conveys a message of unconditional love, peace, hope of a better and brighter future, and connection and friendship between all nations of the world.

Minister Podgoršek and Ambassador Brodovych held a bilateral meeting before the handover of the beehive. Minister reiterated Slovenia's strong support, stating that he believes in the imminent restoration of the Ukrainian economy, agriculture, rural development and sustainable food supply. Before this happens, Slovenia would like to help Ukraine also with donations in the field of agriculture. It has recently made a donation through the World Food Programme. Minister stressed that it is vital to ensure the sowing of crops in Ukraine, the harvest of spring and winter crops and, last but not the least, food security for the Ukrainian people. "Ukrainian famers must receive aid in the next few weeks to start sowing on time." He added that Slovenia is carefully examining the list of needs and that, within a week, it will be known how and to what extent Slovenia can help in terms of veterinary medicines or seeds for sowing.