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Russian Federation: Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Today, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia summoned the Ambassador of the Russian Federation, Timur Eyvazov, to express dismay and the harshest protest at the clear evidence that the armed forces of the Russian Federation committed war crimes against the civilian population in the Ukrainian town of Bucha. Together with partners, allies and the International Criminal Court, Slovenia will do its utmost to hold the perpetrators accountable for these horrific crimes.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also informed the Russian Ambassador of its decision to reduce the number of members of the diplomatic and administrative-technical staff of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in accordance with Article 11 of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations.

This provision provides the receiving State with the possibility to require the foreign diplomatic mission or consular post to keep the size of a mission within limits it considers reasonable and normal, having regard to circumstances and conditions in the receiving State and to the needs of the particular mission. In this context, the Republic of Slovenia has decided to align the size of the diplomatic mission of the Russian Federation with that of the diplomatic mission of the Republic of Slovenia in Moscow.