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Ambassador participated in the General Assembly of all Slovenian associations in Sweden

On Saturday, March 26, 2022, the regular annual General Assembly of the Slovenian Association in Sweden was held in Jönköping, which this year marks the 30th anniversary of its independent work. The members of the General Assembly reviewed the work done in 2021 and adopted an activity plan for 2022.

At the invitation of the Association, Ambassador Edvin Skrt attended the General Assembly and congratulated the members on 30 years of successful activities. He informed the participants about the close cooperation between Slovenia and Sweden in the European Union and in international forums. He highlighted three decades of friendly bilateral relations and co-operation between the two countries in many areas. Ambassador presented the services provided by the Embassy, ​​which include regular consular days in Stockholm. In the end, he praised the efforts of Slovenian societies to preserve the Slovenian tradition and language and their contribution to strengthening Slovenian-Swedish friendship.


On behalf of the Association, President Alojz Macuh presented a recognition award to Ambassador Edvin Skrt for his cooperation and work with compatriots in Sweden.