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Prime Minister Janez Janša at the session of the Government Council for Slovenians Abroad

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

Today, Prime Minister Janez Janša chaired the session of the Government Council for Slovenians Abroad, which was devoted to a discussion about the current situation of the Slovenian community abroad, its organisational structures during and after the pandemic, future financial perspectives as an opportunity for the Slovenian minority, and the possibility of applying for Interreg projects.

The session was attended by Minister for Slovenians Abroad Helena Jaklitsch, representatives of the autochthonous Slovenian national communities in Austria, Italy, Croatia, and Hungary, Slovenian ministers whose responsibilities are related to the activities and situation of Slovenians abroad, namely Simona Kustec, Vasko Simoniti, Zvone Černač and Aleš Hojs, as well as state secretaries Andrej Čuš, Stanislav Raščan, and Aleš Irgolič. The representatives of the autochthonous Slovenian national communities thanked the Prime Minister and other ministers for their good cooperation during the present Government’s term of office, stressing that their joint efforts had never before been so effective.

At the session, Prime Minister Janša said that in the future it would be necessary to focus on preserving the Slovenian language, culture and national communities abroad, and ensuring the economic strength of the organisational structures of Slovenian national communities abroad. "During the term of this Government, a number of breakthroughs have been achieved in this regard. The return of the Narodni dom cultural centre in Trieste is of historic importance, transcending the material value of the property. It is an act that heralds a new era in the relationship between the two nations." The Prime Minister underlined the importance of the signing of an agreement between the Slovenian and Hungarian governments on cooperation in the economic and social development of the ethnically mixed area on both sides of the Slovenian-Hungarian border, which took place the previous month.  "We could also establish this kind of cooperation with another neighbour."  Prime Minister Janša stressed that many of the practical problems that were raised at the session could be resolved with perseverance and mutual cooperation, whereas others required increased efforts and a long-term strategy.