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Minister Dr Logar pledges Slovenia’s further assistance and support to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Foreign Minister Anže Logar attended a regular Foreign Affairs Council meeting in Brussels chaired by High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell. The main topics on the agenda were the Russian military aggression against Ukraine and the situation in Mali and the Sahel. EU foreign affairs and defence ministers sitting in a joint session approved the Strategic Compass.
minister dr. Logar in front of flags

Minister dr. Logar at the meeting of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Russia's aggression against Ukraine and the situation in Mali or Sahel | Author Evropska unija

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The ministers continued the discussion on the state of affairs of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, and exchanged views on further intensification of the restrictive measures already adopted by the EU against the Russian Federation and Belarus and on providing assistance to Ukraine, primarily humanitarian aid. They agreed on a continued coordinated approach to sanctions against Russia and support to Ukraine – humanitarian, military and political. 

Minister Logar pledged Slovenia’s continued assistance to Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees as well as support for all planned activities, including additional restrictive measures, that would increase pressure on the Russian Federation in order to cease the military aggression, underlining the need to sanction Russia’s export policies and to pay closer attention to the areas not taken into consideration by the EU thus far, for instance trade in diamonds, gold reserves and the use of crypto currencies. Minister Logar added that the Union’s support to Ukraine was incredible and that we had to remain brave and audacious: “Last week’s visit of the prime ministers of Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovenia to Kyiv demonstrates this. We must remain engaged in all possible ways – with equipment and through humanitarian and political action.”

He called for ensuring Ukraine’s European perspective with a clear timeline leading to its EU membership, this being the best response to the current security and political challenges, and stressed that the Western Balkans, Moldova and Georgia must remain in the centre of the enlargement policy. The enlargement policy procedures must be accelerated and the EU should respond quickly and effectively.

During the discussion, ministers were joined by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Moldova Nicu Popescu, who outlined the grim humanitarian situation in the country. In his contribution to the debate, Minister Logar expressed support for Moldova’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, calling for close monitoring of the situation, including the growing number of refugees, and for providing the necessary assistance.

The ministers also discussed possible scenarios for cooperation in the Sahel, while the situation in Mali remains of crucial importance for the security and stability of the entire region. Minister Logar went on to call for comprehensive support for the security sector in Mali and for the continued presence of the EU military training mission. He also underlined the need for strengthening support to the population in Sahel, a strategic region for the EU.

In a joint session, foreign and defence ministers wrapped up the discussion on the Strategic Compass and confirmed the decision of the Council of the EU to be approved by the European Council. Minister Logar welcomed the adoption of the Strategic Compass, an ambitious plan of action for strengthening the Union’s security and resilience, particularly in the light of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine.