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Prime Minister Janez Janša about Ukraine

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)

Prime Minister Janez Janša wrote about his visit in Ukraine on his twitter account.

"Together with  Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala we want to bring a message to Ukraine. Ukraine is an European country. Every path in Ukraine is an European path. Soon, it will be an EU path, too. For last two years we have been discussing on large european values. Mostly a theoretical debate.

Then, suddenly, we realized that those fundamental European values actually exist. And that they are threatened. And that Europeans are defending them. With their lives. In Ukraine.

This was the moment, when we in the EU started to finally wake up. To change. To became more united than ever. On support for Ukraine. Because of your courage. Your unity. Your sacrifice. At this moment, speaking of our values, there in no country on the whole of our continent which is more European than Ukraine. Thank you for not only defending your homeland and Europe as a territory, but for defending the very core of European values and our way of life. Your fight is our fight and together we will prevail," wrote the Slovene Prime Minister.