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Prime Minister Janez Janša takes questions from followers on Instagram

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)
Prime Minister Janez Janša took questions from his followers on Instagram who wanted to know, among other things, what his favourite sport is, which film he likes most and how he deals with the daily attacks from the media. He also received many words of praise, appreciation and encouragement.
PM Janez Janša took questions from his followers on Instagram.

PM Janez Janša took questions from his followers on Instagram. | Author Kabinet predsednika vlade

This time the Prime Minister also answered some more personal questions. When asked about his favourite sport, he replied that his favourite team sport is football, the sport of his youth, while his favourite individual sports include mountaineering-related activities – outdoor climbing, ski touring and conquering the unknown world. In response to the question about his favourite film, the Prime Minister said that he currently enjoys watching the TV series Lost in Space with his two sons. Regarding the daily attacks on him by the media and how he feels about them, Prime Minister Janša replied that he does not even follow the media, mainly because they report on past events, while he is more interested in the future.

What is the Prime Minister's opinion on the opposition being against his proposals for the improvement of the situation in our country? This is what usually happens when someone has no programme of his own and thus destroys what others are working on, and builds policies based on objection and exclusion. "This is a negative approach that leads nowhere", emphasised the Prime Minister. In response to the question when Slovenia would start investing in sports infrastructure, Prime Minister Janša said that the activities related thereto were in fact already underway. "We have provided substantial funds for sports infrastructure through investments in sports and educational programmes. An Act is also being drafted to provide substantial funding everywhere in Slovenia where young people do not have the opportunity to participate in different sports and therefore do not have a level playing field in terms of quality of life. "Major investments will be provided in sports in the coming years," assured Prime Minister Janša.