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Discussion of State Secretary Raščan with the Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Brazil, Haczynski da Nóbrega

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Brazil’s recognition of the Republic of Slovenia, State Secretary Dr Stanislav Raščan held an audio-video conference with Ambassador Kenneth Felix Haczynski da Nóbrega, Secretary of Bilateral Negotiations in the Middle East, Europe and Africa at the Brazilian Foreign Ministry.

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State Secretary Dr Raščan during the discussion | Author Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve

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State Secretary Raščan reiterated his appreciation for Brazil’s recognition of Slovenia thirty years ago. At that time, the prompt decision by some Latin American countries to take this step only a week after the recognition of European partners gave Slovenia confidence and encouragement as a new member of the international community. In this context, Dr Raščan also recalled the key role of the Slovenian community, which remains a strong link between the two countries. 

The two officials expressed their satisfaction with the positive relations developed between their two countries over the past decades in a number of areas and called for their continued strengthening, including through the exchange of visits to Ljubljana and Brasilia at both the political and working levels. They went on to highlight the valuable contribution of the Mixed Economic Commission to strengthening the bilateral links in the economy and encouraged further activities in all areas of common interest, including industries of the future, digitalisation, artificial intelligence and the circular economy, where some links are already in place.

State Secretary Raščan commended Brazil’s active involvement in the activities of the Latin American and Caribbean Days international conference ("LAC Days")”, which is organised by the Foreign Ministry. He also proposed that a high-level visit and a presentation of Brazil as a central country take place at a future conference.

State Secretary Dr Raščan and Ambassador da Nóbrega also stressed the importance of cooperation between the EU and Latin America and the Caribbean. They specifically mentioned the relations between the EU and Mercosur and went on to praise the successful collaboration in the multilateral sphere, where the two countries participate in a number of like-minded initiatives.

State Secretary Raščan also presented Slovenia’s decision to announce its candidature for the UN Security Council for the 2024–2025 term.