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Prime Minister Janša: Today has shown there is a common will to collaborate in the future

A meeting of coalition deputies and certain ministers was held today in Brdo pri Kranju. The meeting was also attended by the President of the Slovenian National Party, Zmago Jelinčič, and deputy of the Democratic Party of Pensioners of Slovenia, Robert Polnar.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Janez Janša said that it was productive and constructive. Among the topics covered was a rough assessment of achievements in the term that is about to end. The partners also discussed the approach to resolving certain burning open issues, learned about the latest developments regarding the epidemic and the fight against COVID-19 and reached a definitive agreement on inflation allowances or energy vouchers to ease the pressure of inflation caused by the rise in energy prices. The coalition partners also agreed on certain outstanding matters that need to be put to a vote in the National Assembly. "One of the participants in today’s meeting said that the atmosphere was highly optimistic and better than at the beginning of the term. This is true, as the coalition, along with the partners that supported the Government’s development projects one way or another, has much to show for. There is also a common will to collaborate in the future," said Prime Minister Janša.

Regarding the shortened quarantine period, the Prime Minister said that the Ministry of Health would prepare a proposal on the issue by Monday, when it would likely be adopted and then enter into force in the middle of next week.

When asked to what extent the coalition would insist on realising all the acts to be adopted, the Prime Minister responded that most key acts had already gone through the regular discussion process, public discussion phases, two readings and some were awaiting final decisions. "All these key acts, which are also part of the coalition agreement, will be on the agenda of the remaining regular sessions of the General Assembly. If any additional extraordinary sessions are needed, they will be called. Suggestions have also been made today concerning certain acts that could be put to a consultative referendum," said Prime Minister Janša. "The coalition will accept the challenge and support the proposal to hold a consultative referendum on the Personal Income Tax Act that raises people’s salaries, so that Slovenians can finally vote for higher salaries," said the Prime Minister.  "However, the coalition’s support for the consultative referendum depends on the time and procedural possibilities and frameworks so that this decision-making process is carried out together with parliamentary elections to avoid additional costs and saving people from having to vote twice," said the Prime Minister, adding that, based on today’s discussions and views, the coalition had enough votes to pass the relevant act.

As regards potential collaboration with the party or movement of Robert Golob, Prime Minister Janša said that one of the frequently used words at today’s meeting was collaboration. "Everyone who was here today, whether they are part of the formal coalition or not, have expressed the wish to continue working together in the future and to invite everyone elected in the National Assembly in the next term to join us," concluded the Prime Minister.