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Minister Zvone Černač in the Jugovzhodna Slovenija region

  • Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy
As part of the Government visit to the Jugovzhodna Slovenija region, Minister for Development and EU Cohesion Policy Zvone Černač attended a meeting with the mayors of the municipalities Kostel and Dobrepolje, tried the traditional preparation of bread in the Sitarjeva hiša house in Dolenjske Toplice, which was renovated with the help of EU funds, met with the management staff of the REM d.o.o. company in Trebnje which successfully draws EU funding to support its further development, and visited the renovated Glavni trg square together with the mayor of Novo mesto.

After the Government working consultation, Minister Zvone Černač, at the initiative of the mayor of Kostel Ivan Črnkovič, attended a meeting with the mayors of Kostel and Dobrepolje. The mayors presented the investment plans of their municipalities to the Minister, and the Minister assured them that the process of EU Cohesion Policy programming would take into account the specific characteristics of individual municipalities, including small ones, in order to achieve balanced development.

The Minister continued his visit to Dolenjske Toplice. He visited a project that helps preserve old crafts and traditional knowledge. In the Sitarjeva hiša house which was renovated with the help of EU funding under the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, the Minister, under the watchful eye of members of the Dolenjske Toplice Rural Women Association, tried traditional bread-baking. The final product, freshly baked bread, was served at the closing tribune in Novo mesto as a symbol of cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Slovenia and the people of the region.

In Trebnje, the Minister was welcomed by the CEO of the company REM d.o.o. Igor Kastelic. The company received EU funds support under the European Regional Development Fund and developed a smart modular living unit with high quality sound insulation that provides a pleasant living environment, namely the MOSaIC (MOdular Soundproof and Intelligent Comfort). The company is currently developing a new innovative product, a fire-resistant modular unit that will facilitate fire-safe multi-storey modular construction. ‘Encouraging investments that lead to the design of new products with high added value is one of the best ways to maximise the use of the available EU funds and multiply their impact on the Slovenian economy. Innovation is the driving force behind any real and healthy development. Innovative products are a reflection of a clear vision, courage and desire to be even better,’ said the Minister after the meeting.

Accompanied by the mayor of Novo Mesto, Gregor Macedoni, the Minister visited the Glavni trg square that was renovated with the help of EU funding under the European Regional Development Fund. After the visit, a meeting at the town hall in Rotovž was held where the participants also discussed the possibilities of EU funds absorption in the new financial perspective 2021-2027 for Slovenian municipalities. 

The Minister will conclude his visit to the Jugovzhodna Slovenija region by participating in a public debate with mayors, businesspeople and other actors of economic development in the region.