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Prime Minister Janša attends state ceremony marking Reformation Day

Today, Prime Minister Janez Janša attended a state ceremony marking Reformation Day, which took place at the Krško Cultural Hall. The keynote speaker at the ceremony was the Minister of Culture, Dr Vasko Simoniti.

Reformation Day has been observed as our national holiday since 1992, celebrating not only Slovenian spiritual enlightenment and culture, but also the Slovenian national identity. "For all Slovenes I ask grace, peace, mercy, and the true knowledge of God through Jesus Christ!” were the first words in the Slovenian language written in the first Slovenian book by Primož Trubar back in 1550.

The ceremony programme was prepared by actor Vojko Zidar, the members of the medieval dance group KUD GALIARDA, the members of the instrumental group GITA, the members of the vocal group INGENIUM ENSEMBLE and medieval print master Janez Rozman.