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The Prime Minister hosts informal working dinner at Brdo pri Kranju for heads of state and governments of EU member states

  • Former Prime Minister Janez Janša (2020 - 2022)
Tonight, the Prime Minister hosted an informal working dinner at Brdo pri Kranju for the heads of state and governments of the EU member states. The European leaders held a strategic discussion on the role of the EU on the international stage in view of recent events in Afghanistan, the AUKUS security alliance and the development of relations with China.

In the strategic agenda for 2019–2024, European leaders agreed that they must pursue a strategic course of action and increase the EU’s ability to act autonomously in order to safeguard its interests, uphold European values and its way of life, as well as help shape the global future. For this to happen, the EU must become more assertive and effective. Relations with its strategic partners, including its trans-Atlantic partners, and emerging powers must be a key component of a robust foreign policy. In this regard, the EU’s objectives have not changed; however, recent developments require it to reflect on what is the best way to achieve them.

Having a common understanding of global challenges and the way to respond to them remains essential, regardless of whether it includes the climate, energy, trade or security. As always, unity remains the EU’s most important asset.