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Minister Andrijanič: Digital literacy should also be promoted in the Savinjska region

The Minister of Digital Transformation, Mark Boris Andrijanič, was part of the Government delegation that visited the Savinjska region today.

Minister visited the Velenje School Centre, where he addressed pupils and talked to them about their learning process.

Minister visited the Velenje School Centre, where he addressed pupils and talked to them about their learning process. | Author Tamino Petelinšek, STA

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The Minister met with representatives of KLS Ljubno d.o.o. and, together with Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Jože Podgoršek, visited the Celeia Mlekarna dairy. At the end of the visit, which focused on learning about the challenges and opportunities in the region, the Minister took part in a public debate in Celje.

The Minister visited the Velenje School Centre, where he addressed pupils and talked to them about their learning process. He met pupils from various study programmes, including tourism, gastronomy, mechanical engineering and computer science. The Minister stressed that the coronavirus crisis had shown that state-of-the-art computer equipment was needed at home. Pupils pointed out that in some towns not everyone had access to high-speed broadband internet, to which the Minister responded that efforts were being made to set up internet connections everywhere.

Asked by a pupil what his vision for Slovenia in 25 years was, the Minister replied that it was certainly very bright. He added that one of the solutions to Slovenia becoming one of the most digitalised countries in Europe was achieving digital literacy for society as a whole. The Minister believes that solidarity is needed between the young and the elderly in the form of intergenerational cooperation. "Young people go abroad for work experience, the Erasmus+ programme, but it is essential that you return home. This is where you are needed the most," said the Minister, and concluded his meeting with pupils by saying: "I wish you every success and good courage! We Slovenians can be a little too modest at times. Enrol in the best universities and best courses." Later, the Minister met with the management and representatives of the Velenje School Centre to discuss the role of the new government office in accelerating digitalisation, especially in learning processes and educational programmes.

The Minister for Digital Transformation also visited KLS Ljubno d.o.o., a family-owned company and a global supplier to the automotive industry. The company manufactures and supplies more than 350 different products for engine ignition and electric motors for electric and hybrid vehicles. It exports its products to more than 20 countries in all developed markets. The company was named one of the best family-owned companies in the world in 2017, and with more than 220 robots in operation, 98% of production processes are automated and robotised.

During his tour of the production and robotised work process, Minister Andrijanič presented the work of the new government office, particularly the e-building permit and the simplified reporting by companies to the state.

Lastly, the Minister, together with the Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Food, Jože Podgoršek, met with the management of the Celeia Mlekarna dairy, and in the evening participated in a public debate with the region's development actors.

Minister Andrijanič said that the Savinjska region had many technologically advanced companies ranking at the top of niche markets, and that the startup scene was very active, particularly in the Celje area. He also noted the problem of digital literacy across the Savinjska region. "The main providers of technical and computer skills are the Velenje and Celje universities, while lifelong education in digital skills takes place at adult education centres," stressed the Minister.